Run the win_iis_webssite module with 'ssl' option set to true. - name: IIS | Create Website with SSL Binding win_iis_website: name: "SSLSite" physical_path: "C:\Websites\SSLSite" application_pool: "SSLSite-AppPool" hostname: "" state: "present" ssl: true EXPECTED RESULTS



This blog will be available in very soon --- title: Ansible 2.0 の新モジュール、新オプション一覧 tags: Ansible Ruby author: muziyoshiz slide: false --- ## このページについて 自作のクローラで自動生成した、Ansible 2.0 の新モジュール、新オプション … 1.ansible命令集ansible:定义并运行简单任务。ansible-config:查看、编辑、管理ansible配置。ansible-doc:文档查看工 The new API makes things more testable and we took advantage of it. * big_ip modules now support turning off ssl certificate validation (use only for self-signed certificates). * Consolidated code from modules using urllib2 to normalize features, TLS and SNI support. * synchronize module's dest_port parameter now takes precedence over the ansible_ssh_port inventory setting. win_iis_website - Configures a IIS Web site.

Win_iis_website ssl

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This module is community maintained without core committer oversight. For more information on what this means please read Module Support. For help in developing on modules, should you be so inclined, please read Community Information & Contributing, Helping Testing PRs and Developing Modules. On a multisite IIS installation, running win_iis_webbinding while specifying name, ip, port, host_header and certificate_hash sets the SSL certificate on all sites to the latest value in the playbook, disregarding host_header and name options. Under the Connections pane, click on your server’s computer name, and then select the website that you want to enable SSL on. Go to the Actions menu and click on Bindings. In the Site Bindings pop-up, select https and click on Edit… Now in the Add Site Binding pop-up, choose your renewed SSL (its friendly name) and click OK. Certificate hash (thumbprint) for the SSL binding.

Use the makecert utility located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\x64 folder to create SSL certificates. Open the command That’s it for installing a Let’s Encrypt SSL cert on IIS. In the background Windows ACME Simple will configure your IIS site to use the newly received Let’s Encrypt certificate.

--- title: Ansible 2.0 の新モジュール、新オプション一覧 tags: Ansible Ruby author: muziyoshiz slide: false --- ## このページについて 自作のクローラで自動生成した、Ansible 2.0 の新モジュール、新オプション …

Learn more. Ansible Essentials Workshop Red Hat. What You Will Learn.

Win_iis_website ssl

ssl. string. Enables HTTPS binding on the site.. # This stops an existing site. # $ ansible -i hosts -m win_iis_website -a "name='Default Web Site' state=stopped

Win_iis_website ssl

win_iis_website: name: Acme state: started over HTTP/SSL - which means it works in remote shared hosting scenarios. 20 Mar 2019 To host a site with an SSL, please visit our article on the subject after setting up the site to add an SSL and configure it. Set the Anonymous User.

win_iis_website (E) validate_certs: If no, SSL certificates will not be validated. Add Target proxy, URL map and SSL certificate resource management to GCE /ansible/blob/devel/test/integration/targets/win_iis_website/defaults/main.yml. 29 Mar 2018 validate_certs yes Indica si el certificado SSL de no la URL indicada debe win_iis_website Configura un sitio web de IIS. Asegúrese de que  win_iis_website: name: MyWeb site_id: 10 state: started port: 80 ip: hostname: application_pool: MyWebAppPool physical_path:  1 Jun 2010 I've recently been working on a project where I needed to get a development site running using SSL on IIS 7.
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Win_iis_website ssl

Please upgrade to a maintained version. See the latest Ansible documentation.

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# $ ansible -i hosts -m ssl. string. Enables HTTPS binding on the site.. state. string. Format 3WC and rolling over every hour. name: MyCustom_Web_Shop Run the win_iis_webssite module with 'ssl' option set to true.

win_iis_website - Configures a IIS Web site. win_lineinfile - Ensure a particular line is in a file, or replace an existing line using a back-referenced regular expression. win_mapped_drive - maps a network drive for a user win_msg - Sends a message to logged in users on Windows hosts. win_msi **(D)** - Installs and uninstalls Windows MSI files

After some research, it seems that xfreerdp can do what I need. This is how you use a remote desktop gateway but as of writing I think there may be a problem with sslv3 support in the version I used which is FreeRDP version 1.1.0-beta1 (git Run the win_iis_webssite module with 'ssl' option set to true.

The certificate hash is the unique identifier for the certificate. ssl. no: Enables HTTPS binding on the site..